Aleksander Kudajczyk was born 13th December 1978 in Ruda Śląska, Southern Poland and was brought up in a family with strong musical roots. His own musical talent came to the fore for the first time when he was only four years old and played a few lines from Mozart’s Sonata C Major (No.15 K.545), which he had just heard.

Encouraged by his parents, he started learning to play the piano with his father, who was a music teacher. The following years were filled with music while Aleksander continued his musical education in profiled schools.

He took part in many recitals and contests and soon his talent was appreciated by the Ministry of Art and Culture in Poland. He won the Joseph Hofmann contest in Nałęczów, Poland, and he was also a strong contender in many other international piano contests.

He graduated from the Music Academy in Łódź, Poland with an Honours Degree and gave concerts in Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Netherland, USA and Great Britain.

In 2006 he left Poland for Scotland, and for the first few months he lived on income from various part-time jobs. In 2007 his musical talent was discovered in Glasgow University, where at the time Aleksander was working as a cleaner, and had asked for permission to play the piano in University Chapel.

The story quickly became widespread amongst the world’s media, translated into more than thirty languages, catapulting him into the limelight end enabling him to play the piano to packed concert halls.

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